407 Training Visa Health Insurance 

The 407 visa allows individuals to undertake structured training programs or professional development activities in Australia. To be granted the 407 visa you are required to insure your health with a valid Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) policy for the duration of your stay in Australia. It's important for you to choose the right cover. Comparing all your options and finding the most competitive and comprehensive health cover that fits your specific health needs is simple with OVHC Insurance. 

Comparing your 407 visa health cover policies online helps give you confidence by taking the guesswork away. With our intuitive online comparison tool, you can effortlessly explore a range of policies from 7 top insurers in minutes, ensuring you make an informed decision that safeguards your health and your 407 training visa status. 

Who Is Eligible For A 407 Training Visa?

The 407 visa caters to individuals seeking to enhance their professional skills through structured training or professional development opportunities in Australia. To be eligible for this visa you must be invited to participate in a training program or professional development activities by an approved sponsor within an Australian organisation or company. 

In addition to this, there is a set of criteria you must meet to be eligible for the 407 visa. A key part of the eligibility criteria is that you need to hold a valid health insurance policy for the duration of your stay. This limits your financial liability should you become unwell or need medical assistance during your professional development period.

Health Insurance Is Mandatory For The 407 Visa

When holding a 407 visa in Australia, it's essential to comply with Condition 8501, which mandates Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) for the duration of your stay. 407 visa health insurance is not only a requirement, it also serves to give you peace of mind and protection against unexpected medical expenses by covering you for essential healthcare services during your professional development activities in Australia.

Why Choose OVHC Insurance To Compare 407 Visa Health Insurance

Our OVHC policies offer peace of mind and seamless entry to Australia. Compare seven providers easily, with fast certification and trusted customer service. OVHC insurance offers visa-specific coverage, and multilingual customer service support is available. Here's why visa applicants choose OVHC Insurance to compare 407 Visa Health Insurance:

Meet Your 8501 Visa Requirements

Meeting the 8501 visa requirements in Australia is a mandatory condition. It requires the visa applicant to secure Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC), ensuring you have adequate health insurance throughout your visa period.

Policy Received Within Minutes

OVHC Insurance provides a quick application process and turnaround time. Get your OVHC certificate of cover online within minutes.

Easy To Use & Compare Online

Save time and money by comparing several OVHC Australian insurance providers in one place with our online comparison tool. Our user-friendly interface makes comparing policies clear and straightforward. 

Compare Health Insurance For The 407 Visa & Receive Your Policy Certificate Today

Compare policies from top Australian insurance providers with our online tool and enjoy the comfort of knowing you're compliant with the 407 visa insurance requirements. Our comparison tool is simple to use and allows you to view all your health cover options in one place. It provides a helpful visual reference of what each policy includes and indicates which are suitable for 407 training visa compliance.

Start comparing now and receive your policy certificate in minutes so you can focus on your exciting adventure in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is OVHC Insurance?

OVHC insurance is an online comparison tool for health insurance that specialises in providing cover for international visas.  OVHC insurance is dedicated to providing health insurance to those seeking professional development opportunities in Australia. 

Should you need medical assistance in Australia, having the right health cover can provide financial protection and peace of mind should you require medical treatment during your stay. Overseas visitors to Australia are not covered by publicly funded health care. 

What Is The 8501 Condition?

Condition 8501 requires you to take out a comprehensive health insurance policy to cover your stay in Australia. Travel insurance alone will not satisfy the 8501 visa condition; you must have an Overseas Visitor Health Care policy.

Do I Need Health Insurance For The 407 Training Visa?

Yes, you need to hold a valid Overseas Visitors Health Care policy for the duration of your stay in Australia to comply with the conditions of the 407 training visa. This reduces your financial exposure in case of illness or the need for medical aid throughout the entirety of your visa tenure.

According to the 8501 condition of the 407 training visa, it is mandatory to obtain adequate health insurance. The 407 visa is valid for up to two years, providing time for participants to engage in meaningful skill-building experiences and learning while immersing themselves in Australian culture and work environments.