AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover

If you are an international visitor who is coming to Australia and you still need overseas visitor health cover, AIA Group is an insurance provider to consider. 

AIA OVHC is specifically tailored to provide health insurance for overseas visitors living and working in Australia.

AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover is a part of the globally recognised AIA Health brand committed to providing international visitors with consistent healthcare during their stay in Australia. 

The OVHC range is designed to meet the 8501 visa condition and offers visitors quality health insurance that they can trust.

Why Choose AIA For Overseas Visitor Health Cover

AIA is an award-winning insurer with over 50 years of helping people live longer, better, and healthier lives. AIA overseas health insurance is dedicated to providing Australia’s overseas visitors with adequate healthcare protection. 

AIA offers a user-friendly online portal for claims and updates. Set-up is also simple and easy so you can get covered quickly and spend time focusing on the things that are most important to you. 

Their OVHC package is designed to meet 8501 visa requirements for a hassle-free stay, and their policies are flexible to better cater to fluctuating residency statuses.

Key Features Of AIA Overseas Health Insurance

With a focus on adaptability and customer convenience, AIA visitor insurance provides services such as a 24/7 Health Line, emergency coverage, visa compliance, and more.

Customers of AIA benefit from a straightforward policy with no surprises or hidden fees.  

24/7 Health Line

With their 24/7 Health Line, you can receive care and assistance at any time of day with trusted partner Nationwide Helpline Services (NHS). 

All calls to the Health Line are free of charge to provide all AIA OVHC members with access to medical support and assistance when they need it.

Covered For Emergencies 

AIA overseas insurance includes cover for accidents and emergency services. This also includes ambulance transport, so you know you are covered in the event of serious injury or other emergencies. 

Visa Compliant

AIA OVHC’s health insurance also meets the 8501 conditions outlined in your visa. This condition states that all overseas visitors to Australia must have, maintain, and show proof of adequate health insurance throughout the duration of their stay in Australia.

An Overview Of AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover

To help you get a better understanding of exactly what is covered under AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover, here is an overview of what is and is not included with AIA OVHC.

Hospital Cover

AIA OVHC hospital cover gives an excess of $750 a person per calendar year. An excess simply means that you’ll only pay up to the amount of your excess for treatment costs and AIA will cover the remaining portion.

You will also be covered for any overnight stays in the hospital, any medications as long as they are listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), emergency room visits, and in-hospital doctor services as required.

Out Of Hospital Treatments

AIA’s standard Overseas health insurance policy does not cover out-of-hospital treatments during your stay in Australia. 

This includes any GP appointments or specialist consultations, outpatient services, outpatient pregnancy and birth-related services such as antenatal and postnatal benefits, and psychiatric or psychology-related prescription medications. 

Any of these services will have to be paid out of pocket by you.

Ambulance cover

If you need immediate treatment and there is no other reasonable way to get to the hospital, your emergency transportation is covered under your AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover.

Invoices for ambulance services will usually be sent directly to AIA to pay on your behalf. Keep your AIA Health membership number handy in case you’re asked to provide it.

Waiting Periods

All overseas health insurance providers are subject to waiting periods for certain benefits and services. These are needs-based rather than payment-based and vary depending on the service. 

Under AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover, there will be a 2-month waiting period for inpatient psychiatric, rehabilitation, and palliative care services. And all pre-existing conditions and pregnancy-related services are subject to a 12-month waiting period.

Without waiting periods, individuals could make a claim and then immediately cancel their policy afterwards. Waiting times benefit all of us by stopping individuals from manipulating the system which, in turn, keeps health insurance premiums low. 

How To Make A Claim With AIA

As an AIA OVHC member, you can log into the Online Member Service Portal and access all the information about your policy. Through the online portal, you can also manage your membership, update your contact details, manage any payments, view correspondence and make claims.

You may submit a claim for GP and specialist visits, in-hospital treatment, and ambulance services. Here is how to make a claim:

Step 1: As AIA is unable to make payments to offshore accounts, you must provide them with your Australian bank account details. Once your claim has been processed, your funds will automatically be paid into your nominated Australian bank account.

Step 2: Login and submit your claim via the AIA member portal.

Step 3: Provide any supporting documents. The documents required may include:

  • invoice and/or receipt
  • completed claim form
  • medical certificate (if applicable)

If you’re having trouble lodging your claim on the member portal using the method above, you may email [email protected] and provide the above documentation.

Compare AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover Today

AIA is a multi-award-winning insurer that is responsible for providing health insurance to over 50 million people across the Asia-Pacific region. 

AIA’s Overseas Insurance is tailored specifically to overseas visitors in Australia and when you purchase AIA OVHC from us, you’ll receive your visa-compliant policy certificate within minutes.

Use OVHC Australia to get an in-depth look at AIA Overseas Visitor Health Cover and use our simple comparison tool to compare it with other providers in real time.

OVHC Australia is your trusted provider to help you find the right health cover for your stay in Australia.