Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover

As one of your visa requirements, you'll need to have documented overseas health care in place before you travel. With Frank health insurance for overseas visitors, you can meet those requirements, apply for your visa, and show up in Australia ready to go. 

Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) provides affordable and reliable health insurance for temporary residents on 457, 482 or 485 visas and will send your visa compliance letter immediately after you purchase a policy. 

Frank is a trusted health insurance provider for citizens and visitors alike, and getting insured is quick and easy with the entire process being online.

Why Choose Frank Health Insurance For Overseas Visitors & Workers

Frank OVHC is not your average health insurance company. Established in 2009 and based just outside of Melbourne in Geelong, Frank is a not-for-profit originally founded to help Australians with affordable health coverage. Now, they're on a mission to extend that mission to overseas visitors. 

To date, Frank has grown exponentially to provide 35,000 Australians and overseas visitors with low-cost private health insurance. With clear and easy-to-understand policies, members covered by Frank know exactly what they are and aren’t covered for thanks to fine print with no hidden agenda. 

Key Features Of Frank’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover


Frank is part of the GMHBA Limited Group, a health insurance provider with 80 years of experience. As Australia’s leading not-for-profit health fund, Frank prides itself on excellent customer service and affordable health insurance. 

Entirely Online 

Frank specialises solely in health insurance and is entirely online, cutting costs that result in more savings for members. You can manage your policy and make claims from anywhere at any time. 

Frank offers everything online, so there’s no need for phone calls or paperwork. But they are just a phone call away if you need assistance. 

Affordable & Fast

Frank offers low-cost health insurance policies for overseas visitors. Approval is fast and takes only minutes, not weeks, to be covered.

As soon as you've made your first payment after joining, you'll be able to retrieve your health insurance compliance letter from your email, download it, and upload it to your visa application.

An Overview Of Frank’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Hospital Cover

Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover entitles you to basic hospital cover in Australia. It is provided by Frank Health Insurance and backed by GMHBA Limited Group.

Frank OVHC will cover public hospital stays (including overnight stays), emergency room visits, in-hospital doctor services, and even essential medications listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Just a small excess of $500 per calendar year applies.

Out Of Hospital Treatments

It should be noted that ancillary services are not covered under Frank OVHC. These include medical services usually done outside of the hospital like dental, optical and physiotherapy. However, you can get extra cover for ancillary services with Frank as well.  

It's also important to note that Frank does not cover out-of-hospital treatments such as GP or specialist consultations, outpatient and pregnancy-related services, and psychiatric/psychology-related services.

Ambulance cover

While they can't cover everything, Frank does offer valuable ambulance cover for treatment so you can get the help you need when it matters most.

Frank provides ambulance cover for immediate treatment during emergencies. In the event of an emergency where an ambulance is dispatched to transport you to the hospital, all treatment from paramedics including transportation is included in your overseas health cover policy.

Waiting Periods

As with any health insurance policy, there are usually waiting periods for specific services. Waiting periods for Frank's OVHC are fair and transparent. 

For most services, you'll be covered after just two months, and pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months:

  • No waiting period for hospital treatment as a result of an accident or emergency
  • 2 months for inpatient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care (whether the condition is pre-existing or not)
  • 12 months for all other pre-existing conditions
  • 12 months for pregnancy-related services

How To Make A Claim With Frank

To make a claim with Frank for medical expenses, you will need to send your receipts along with a filled-out Frank claim form to [email protected]. If your claim is related to an inpatient hospital admission, we will need a corresponding account from the hospital. 

In most cases, the hospital will bill Frank electronically, although sometimes it is done by mail. Frank will pay your benefit to the hospital after receiving the hospital account. 

If a situation occurs where the hospital does not do electronic billing and the doctor gives you the bill instead, you can pay it then fill out a claim form and email both the bill and the form back to Frank. Frank will either pay the doctor directly or reimburse you if you’ve already paid the account.

Be sure to contact Frank for a quote before receiving treatment so you’re aware of exactly how much you're covered for.

Compare Frank’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover Today

Ready to purchase Overseas Visitor Health Cover but not sure which provider to go with? With OVHC Compare you can compare insurance providers and policies to find the best overseas health cover for you. 

Compare Frank OVHC with other providers using our convenient online tool and get covered in minutes. 

By purchasing a policy, you have already satisfied the 8501 condition of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection's working visa requirements. You will instantly receive your visa compliance letter and be ready to apply for your travel to Australia.