CBHS Overseas Visitor Health Cover

If you are an overseas visitor on a holiday or working holiday visa, you will likely be required to have overseas visitor health cover (OVHC) as per the 8501 visa condition requirement. CBHS overseas visitor health cover offers coverage for most holiday and working holiday visa types, including 482, 485, and 457 visas.

CBHS OVHC is registered by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to provide adequate health cover to overseas residents studying, working, or visiting Australia. This makes CBHS International both a trustworthy and affordable option for overseas visitors looking for healthcare in Australia.

Why Choose CBHS International For Overseas Visitor Health Cover

CBHS International is the daughter company of CBHS Health Fund, which has been providing thousands of Australians with reliable healthcare at a fair price for over 70 years. Extending their health insurance to overseas visitors, CBHS OVHC guarantees that all health policies are visa-compliant for those working or studying in Australia.

Beneficiaries of CBHS visitors' cover will be insured in case of any sudden illness or accident during their time in Australia. CBHS International offers an affordable health plan to cover the entire duration of a visitor’s stay with 24/7 over-the-phone helplines (including interpreters) to help navigate the Australian healthcare system. 

Key Features Of CBHS Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Visitors who choose CBHS International for their overseas cover gain access to a wide range of features and benefits.

CBHS OVHC features 24/7 availability and support, instant policy confirmation, and an extended Doctor Choice Network.

24/7 Availability & Support

If you require assistance at any time during your stay in Australia, you can call the CBHS medical and personal assistance helpline. This support helpline is available 24/7 with interpreters ready to assist you.

Instant Policy

You will receive your certificate of insurance within minutes of purchasing Overseas Workers Health Cover. Proof of coverage is required when you apply for your visa or renewal, and this certificate is considered a valid form of health insurance documentation.

Large Doctor Network

CBHS International’s extensive Choice Network gives members the freedom to choose from over 9,000 healthcare providers through their online tool. 

It also includes free telehealth and video consultations for eligible members.

An Overview Of CBHS Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Overseas visitors unfamiliar with the Australian healthcare system may be unsure of what is and isn’t included in their OVHC. Here is an overview of the details of CBHS’s OVHC policy.

Hospital Cover

CBHS hospital cover includes coverage for overnight hospital stays, any medications listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), visits to the emergency department, and doctor services while in-hospital.

Hospital cover also includes an excess of $500 per person, per calendar year. An excess is the amount you’ll pay when claiming your policy. Having an excess means that you’ll pay part of your treatment costs up to the amount of your excess. 

For example, if treatment costs $2000, as per the conditions of your policy you will pay $500 and the remaining balance will be covered by CBHS.

Out Of Hospital Treatments

As CBHS overseas visitor health cover is basic coverage for visitors, the standard healthcare policy does not cover any out-of-hospital treatments during your stay in Australia. 

This includes any GP or specialist appointments or consultations, and extends to outpatient services, any pregnancy-related services should you become pregnant, and psychiatric or mental health-related prescription medications. 

All of these services must be paid out of pocket by you.

Ambulance cover

In line with their coverage for emergencies during your stay in Australia, CBHS offers coverage for emergency ambulance services. Ambulance cover is only for emergencies requiring immediate treatment when there is no other reasonable or feasible way to get to a hospital’s emergency department.

If you have an accident or sudden health crisis, your transportation to receive treatment is covered under your CBHS overseas cover.

Waiting Periods

When you take out overseas visitor health insurance, you may have to wait before you can claim a benefit. All health insurance providers are subject to waiting times for certain services, which vary depending on the service. 

Waiting times act as a non-monetary rationing mechanism based on clinical need as opposed to the individual’s ability to pay. Having a waiting period helps stop individuals from making a claim and then immediately cancelling their policy, which would lead to higher health insurance premiums for everyone.

CBHS does their best to provide members with the shortest waiting times possible. Members benefit from a 2-month waiting period for inpatient psychiatric, rehabilitation, and palliative care services. All pre-existing conditions are subject to a 12-month waiting period, and pregnancy-related services are also a 12-month wait.

How To Make A Claim With CBHS

You can either make a claim with CBHS International online (through the mobile app) or file an on-the-spot claim during your hospital visit. 

To make a claim online, make sure you have the CBHS International app downloaded. Once in the app, follow the instructions to confirm your bank details, select the service type, and upload the invoice. 

After your E-claim is lodged, you’ll receive a confirmation email stating your claim has been received. Benefits are typically paid out within 3-5 business days, and you’ll be able to review your benefit remittance in the app to confirm your payment.

If you visit a doctor online or within CBHS’s Choice Network, all you have to do is present your membership card and photo ID. The medical centre will then bill CBHS directly.

Compare CBHS Overseas Visitor Health Cover Today

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When you purchase your CBHS overseas visitor health cover through OVHC Australia, you’ll receive your visa-compliant policy certificate within minutes. 

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