590 Visa Health Insurance for Student Guardians

If an international student is under 18 years old and is planning to come to study in Australia, they must be accompanied by an adult. The 590 student guardian visa is especially for you if you are a parent or legal guardian who accompanies a student visa holder entering Australia. In certain circumstances, these visas can be issued for carers of students over the age of 18—if the student under your care requires special assistance. As a student guardian entering Australia, taking out appropriate 590 visa health insurance is an important condition you must meet.


Who Is Eligible For A 590 Guardian Visa?

If you are at least 21 years old and the visiting student's parent, adult relative, or legal custodian, you are eligible to apply for a 590 guardian visa. This temporary visa requires you to show that you have enough funds to finance your entire stay and that of the student you are accompanying. The maximum duration that the 590 guardian visa is valid is five years.

You must be capable of providing support to the student under your care regarding accommodation and overall welfare. If you are applying for the 590 visa from within Australia, you must also hold an eligible substansive visa (a temporary visa other than an enforcement visa or a bridging visa). See here for other exclusions. 

Another condition of the 590 visa is that you are genuinely a temporary entrant to Australia, without the intention to remain permanently.

Your visa application will also be subject to meeting the Australian government’s health requirements, and you will be personally responsible for all medical costs incurred while in Australia. This necessitates insurance. Having adequate health insurance coverage mitigates your potential financial liability for healthcare expenses.


590 Visa Health Insurance Requirements 

In order to enter Australia on a 590 visa, you must be covered by adequate health insurance for the entire duration of your stay. If you are not from a country with which Australia has a reciprocal health care agreement (RHCA), such as with the UK, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and others, then it is obligatory for you to obtain overseas visitors' health cover (OVHC) with an Australian-based health insurance provider. These OVHC policies can cover both you and the student that you are accompanying.

What Is Included In The Health Insurance Policy For The 590 Visa

Some of the inclusions in health insurance policies for the 590 visa typically include hospital cover, ambulance cover, medication and treatments. But the details depend on the level of cover you choose. Low-range coverage normally encompasses hospital and ambulance expenses. Medium-range covers may include some hospital costs, prescription medicines as well as out-of-hospital treatments. Top range covers normally include all of the above as well as other extras such as optical and dental treatments. The specifics will vary from policy to policy, so it is important to check these closely to see how they align with your needs or expectations before deciding on the cover for you.


What Is Not Included In The Health Insurance Policy For The 590 Visa

Health insurance policies for 590 visa holders do not typically include any treatments that had been pre-arranged prior to your arrival in Australia. Some alternative therapies and medical procedures that are not considered a necessity (such as cosmetic surgery) are also not included.


Why Choose OVHC To Compare Health Insurance For 590 Visa Holders

Meet Your Visa Requirements

You don’t need to worry about whether or not your visa requirements are met when you use OVHC Insurance to compare and find your health insurance. That’s because we only compare insurance options that meet the visa requirements of overseas students and their families.

Quick Turnaround

You can obtain your OVHC documentation within just minutes of submitting and paying for your overseas health insurance through us. If you request a hard copy of the certificate, we can post it to you within 24 hours.

Multi-lingual Support Team

If English is not your first language, you can rely on our multilingual Australian-based support team, who are on hand to help you with your questions.


Compare 590 Visa Health Insurance Today & Receive Your Policy Certificate Within Minutes

Meeting your health insurance obligation for your 590 visa is quick and simple with us. Simply let us know who the insurance is for (including the number of adults and children) and the policy's starting date. You will receive an immediate range of quotes from us. Select the one you want, fill out the online form, and complete payment. You will receive your certification via email within minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Health Insurance For A 590 Guardian Visa?

Yes. An appropriate overseas visitor health insurance cover is mandatory for obtaining your 590 guardian visa.

Do I Need OVHC If I Already Have Travel Insurance?

Seeing that you are financially responsible for any medical expenses you may incur while in Australia, you may find your existing travel insurance may not be sufficient to meet your needs. By obtaining OVHC insurance, you will likely find that your healthcare coverage is more comprehensive and therefore a better financial safety net.

Am I Eligible For Medicare On A 590 Guardian Visa?

If you are from one of eleven countries (at the time of writing) that have reciprocal health care agreements (RHCA) with Australia, then you may be eligible for Medicare while in Australia. At present, these countries are Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK. The specific level of inclusions and what you must do to be eligible depends on the individual agreement with that country. Click here to find out more details. You should still familiarise yourself with what is and is not included because you may still need to consider purchasing OVHC insurance to give you better coverage.

If you are from a country other than the ones listed above, then you are not eligible for Medicare on a 590 guardian visa and should take out OVHC insurance.


How Much Does 590 Visa Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of health insurance for the 590 student guardian visa will depend on the length of your stay in Australia, the number of people on the policy and the level of cover you choose.

Does 590 Visa Health Insurance Cover Dental?

OVHC coverage is usually limited and does not cover treatments such as dental services. If you would like to be covered for dental treatments, you will need to buy extra coverage or select a specific top-range policy plan that already includes such benefits.