Health Insurance For 870 Sponsored Parent Visa

If you’re travelling to Australia on the 870 Sponsored Parent visa, you’ll need Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) while you stay. Taking out appropriate 870 visa health insurance is needed to satisfy the 8501 visa condition while also ensuring you’re able to pay any medical costs while in Australia.

At OVHC Insurance, our goals are simple: to help you find the right visa health insurance for you, at the best price possible. With many insurance providers on the market, we’ve made it easy to find a policy that satisfies visa conditions while providing a level of coverage that works for you.

Who Is Eligible For An 870 Visa?

With an 870 visa, you’ll be allowed to stay in Australia for 3-5 years (depending on the visa) and apply for further visas to extend your stay to a maximum of 10 years. 870 visa holders cannot work in Australia.

The Australian government is very clear on who is eligible to receive the 870 Sponsored Parent visa and you’ll need to ensure you meet the criteria to receive the visa. To be eligible for an 870 visa, you must:

  • Have an approved Parent Sponsor before lodging your application
  • Apply online
  • Lodge the application within 6 months of sponsorship approval (or 60 days if permission is given to apply within Australia)
  • You’ll also need the right health insurance for the 870 visa

To be eligible, Parent Sponsors must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or an approved New Zealand citizen) and earn a taxable income of at least $83,454.80. 

870 Visa Health Insurance Requirements 

If you plan to stay in Australia on a Parent Sponsor visa, you will be required to take out visa 870 health insurance to cover your medical costs while in the country. This is a condition of the visa. To satisfy the eligibility requirements, you’ll need to take out an appropriate Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) policy, meaning you’ll need to check that any policy is 100% compliant with visa conditions.

What Is Included In The Health Insurance Policy For The 870 Visa

Basic OVHC policies which meet visa requirements will include:

  • Access to prescription medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
  • Ambulance coverage for emergency hospital transportation
  • Hospital coverage for treatment in public hospitals
  • Other treatments listed under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS)

Policies may also include mandatory waiting periods for some services. 

While basic 870 visa insurance policies will cover many needs and fulfil your visa requirements, it can be worth looking at more comprehensive policies available which include further treatment and coverage options. Regardless of which policy you choose, however, always ensure that your policy meets the requirements of your 870 visa conditions and is suited to your own health and financial needs.

What Is Not Included In The Health Insurance Policy For The 870 Visa

Note that OVHC policies, like all health insurance policies, may not cover all treatments and services. Typically, 870 visa health insurance policies will not cover:

  • Elective or cosmetic surgeries
  • Advanced medical procedures including organ transplants
  • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture or naturopathy
  • Treatments not received in Australia, even during coverage periods or while in transit

To remain eligible for the 870 visa and to avoid out-of-pocket medical expenses, always ensure that you’re appropriately covered by your chosen policy.

Why Choose OVHC Insurance To Compare Health Insurance For 870 Visa Holders

At OVHC Insurance, we make things simple and cost-effective when it comes to finding the right insurance for your 870 visa conditions. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help find the best policy for you.

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Not all OVHC insurance policies will satisfy your visa requirements, but we make things straightforward by offering a range of options that do. Simply compare the options and choose a policy that works for you.

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Compare Health Insurance For The 870 Visa Today & Receive Your Policy Certificate Within Minutes

Hoping to join your family in Australia? Make sure you’re satisfying the 8501 condition requirements of your 870 Sponsored Parent visa to ensure a smooth stay. With OVHC Insurance, we’ll help you find the best insurance option for you to comply with your visa obligations, as well as offering a level of coverage that’s right for you at a price that works. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Health Insurance For An 870 Visa?

The 870 Sponsored Parent visa is subject to the 8501 visa condition which requires an appropriate level of health coverage. Without the right health insurance, you will not be eligible for the 870 visa.

Do I Need OVHC If I Already Have Travel Insurance?

Typically, travel insurance does not provide a level or length of coverage necessary to satisfy visa condition 8501. Instead, you’ll need an appropriate  OVHC policy if you wish to meet the requirements of the 870 Sponsored Parent visa.

Am I Eligible For Medicare On An 870 Visa?

Only Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents are eligible to access Medicare. Those on the 870 visa will not be eligible and must take out an acceptable private health insurance policy.

What Are The Medical Waiting Periods Associated With an 870 Visa?

Waiting periods for those on 870 visa-related insurance policies are similar to typical private health insurance waiting periods. This may include two month waiting periods for dental and physio, and up to 24 months for services like laser eye surgery.