Medibank & Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Medibank is one of Australia’s leading insurance companies, providing health, travel, life, income protection and pet insurance to over 3.7 million people across Australia. Medibank was originally set up as a non-profit entity by the Australian government, then transferred to a for-profit publicly listed company in 2009.

Medibank’s insurance offerings include Overseas Workers Health Cover and Overseas Visitors Health Cover, and both satisfy requirement 8501 (OVHC condition), which is applicable for certain types of visas. 

Medibank Overseas Worker Cover (Commonly referred to in the industry as OVHC or Overseas Visitor Health Cover) policies provide for 100% of accommodation costs in contracted private hospitals, and in public hospitals as a private patient. Ambulance and emergency care costs are also covered, and benefits are payable for a wide range of in-hospital medical services and medications listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

As soon as you purchase Medibank’s health cover via our website , an insurance certificate will be issued, which can then be used in your Visa application.

Why Choose Medibank For Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Medibank is one of Australia’s largest private health insurance providers, used by over 3.7 million members. It offers comprehensive coverage with a range of policy options to suit Worker Visa holders.

A key benefit of Medibank’s offering is access to a 24/7 Nurse & Mental Health Service, allowing policyholders to discuss health concerns or seek guidance at any time. Medibank’s ambulance coverage is Australia-wide and treatment within Public Hospital Accident and Emergency departments is also covered.

Medibank Overseas Visitor Health Cover policies have been designed to meet the visa health insurance requirements for people working or travelling in Australia.

Features Of Medibank's Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Extensive Hospital Cover

Medibank pay 100% of accommodation costs for a shared or private room in a contracted private hospital or as a private patient in a public hospital when treated for an included service.

24/7 Availability & Support

Medibank’s Nurse & Mental Health Service call line is available 24/7 to discuss any health questions or concerns and to provide advice on what to do next when accessing healthcare or making a claim.

Wide Range Of Policies

A range of insurance options are available through Medibank, including basic, standard and premium options for those on working visas. Policies for visitors visa holders include options for singles, couples, families and single parents, and a lower-prices  ‘starter’ option for singles and couples aged under 49 years.

An Overview Of Medibank’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Hospital Cover

Under Medibank OVHC cover policies, 100% of accommodation costs are covered for overnight stays in a private or shared room in either a contracted private or public hospital (as a private patient). Cover also includes same day admissions and intensive care, and in-hospital medical services (such as surgeon and anaesthetist's fees). Public hospital operating theatre fees and outpatient and emergency department charges are also covered, as is the cost of medications listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) when supplied in-hospital.

Benefits are payable for a wide range of in-hospital treatments and services, but there are some exclusions depending upon the particular policy held. For example, in-hospital pregnancy care and psychiatric services are included in Overseas Workers Cover insurance policies but are excluded from Overseas Visitor Health Cover insurance policies.

There is an excess to be paid of up to $500 per person per calendar year before these hospital benefits are paid out. For most of Medinbank’s insurance products, policyholders can choose their level of excess.

Ambulance cover

Unlimited Australia-wide emergency ambulance services are included in the policy, when immediate professional attention is required and your medical condition is such that you couldn’t be transported to a hospital in any other way.

Waiting Periods

Benefits are payable subject to waiting periods. For example, joint reconstructions attract a 12-month waiting period. So if the insured person has a pre-existing joint condition, they will need to have held their insurance policy for at least 12 months before Medibank will pay a benefit towards in-hospital joint reconstruction costs.

The waiting period for pre-existing conditions is 12 months, two months for inpatient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care services, and 12 months for pregnancy-related services. 

There are no waiting periods for ambulance cover, accident and injury, or public hospital emergency departments.

How To Make A Claim With Medibank

Medibank Overseas Visitor Health Cover policy benefits can be claimed in a number of ways. Claims can be submitted via the online portal and payments received directly to a bank account. Alternatively, you can claim on the spot via the Medibank app on mobile phone or smartwatch. Claims forms are also accepted by post. 

Compare Medibank’s OVHC & Receive A Policy Certification In Minutes

Purchase your health cover from Medibank now and receive your OVHC policy certificate in just minutes. 

As soon as your Medibank OVHC insurance has been purchased online, you will be emailed a letter that you can use as proof of insurance with your visa application.