nib Overseas Visitor Health Cover

If you want to work in Australia and hold an overseas visitor, you may have to get overseas visitor health cover (OVHC). nib covers more than one million customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. With flexible policies and a range of cover levels and options, finding out more about nib’s policies for overseas workers is worthwhile.


Why Choose nib For Overseas Visitor Health Cover

With over 70 years in the health insurance industry, nib has a reputation for providing quality health insurance products. nib OVHC offers visitors and workers to Australia quality products and instant policy certificates. Known for their customisable and value-for-money health cover, nib overseas visitor health insurance meets 8501 visa compliance. nib OVHC is a trusted choice for overseas workers and visitors who need comprehensive health coverage.

nib’s intelligent solutions for international workers supports them to live a happy and healthy life in Australia. With an easy-to-use App, you can manage your nib OVHC claims and get instant assistance from the customer service team.

nib overseas visitor health insurance goes beyond traditional coverage by offering easy access to telehealth appointments with experienced GPs. Their digital well-being and on-demand mental health tools are designed to ensure you feel supported and maintain good health throughout your stay in Australia.


Key Features of nib’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover

nib overseas visitor health cover ensures working visitors have insurance for timely and adequate medical care. When you have nib overseas visitor cover, you can access the nib First Choice network, which includes a trusted community of medical specialists and general practitioners.

Some key features of nib overseas visitor health cover include the following:

  • It is easy to compare overseas healthcare insurance plans to suit your budget.
  • Complete compliance with Department of Home Affairs (DHA) visa conditions.
  • Instantly insured within minutes of your purchase.
  • Pre-purchase and post-purchase support from nib’s friendly and helpful customer service team.

Visa Compliance

nib overseas visitor health insurance provides complete compliance with the Department of Home Affairs visa 8501 condition. This includes Graduate 485 visa, Temporary (skilled) 457 visa and TSS 482 visa. Once you purchase your nib insurance OVHC, you have your policy emailed within minutes.


Availability & Support

When you have nib OVHC, you can access a General Practitioner search tool to find the closest doctor to visit. If you have a significant injury or a life-threatening illness, you should call 000 immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. As a member of nib overseas visitor health insurance, you’ll get a membership card that you should carry when accessing any healthcare services in Australia to avoid unnecessary out of pocket costs.


Ambulance Cover

nib overseas visitor health cover includes unlimited emergency ambulance cover. This benefit alone can potentially save you thousands of dollars in ambulance bills.

An Overview Of nib’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover


Hospital Cover

nib overseas visitor health hospital cover has an excess of $500 per person per calendar year. If you or your family need to be admitted to the hospital, you must pay $500 upfront. If you are admitted again during the year, this excess is waived.

nib’s hospital cover also includes:

  • Overnight hospital stays.
  • Medications that are listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
  • Emergency room visits.
  • In-hospital doctor services.

Find the right nib overseas hospital cover for you and your family here.


Out Of Hospital Treatments

nib OVHC doesn’t cover some out-of-hospital treatments. The type of out-of-hospital treatments you’re covered for depends on your chosen policy level. Examples of out-of-hospital treatments not covered include:

  •  GP or specialist consultations,
  •  Outpatient and pregnancy-related services,
  •  Prescription medicines, and
  • Psychiatric and psychology benefits.

Ambulance cover

nib OVHC includes ambulance cover for immediate treatment. If you have an accident or are very ill, an ambulance can take you to the hospital for treatment without incurring costs.

Waiting Periods

As a policyholder of nib overseas visitor health insurance, some waiting periods apply. A waiting period means you cannot claim some services immediately after taking out nib overseas visitor health cover. There are no waiting periods for ambulance cover.

nib overseas visitor cover waiting periods include:

  • Two months for inpatient, psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care services and
  • Twelve months for pregnancy-related services.


How To Make A Claim With nib

Holders of a nib OVHC policy who need to claim can use their nib member card via the nib App or online. If your healthcare provider has a HICAPS card terminal, you can scan your nib card after the appointment. nib immediately calculates the amount they’ll pay, so you only have to pay the difference. You can also scan your digital nib card on your Apple or Android phone.

If you cannot use your nib card to claim on the spot, you can submit your claim online or via the nib App. Take a clear photo of the paid receipt and submit it. nib will pay the extra benefits to your account within five working days.


Compare nib’s Overseas Visitor Health Cover & Receive Your Policy Certification In Minutes

Get nib overseas visitor health cover within a few minutes. nib OVHC matches your needs and meets your working visa requirements.